Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Humiliate the White Person

  • Samuel Rodriguez declares that “the Equality Act is absolutely racist” because it is supposedly an attack on Latinos and African Americans who “believe in our Judeo-Christian value system.”
  • Mario Murillo proclaims that with Joe Biden in the White House, “for the first time in American history, our President does the unquestioned bidding of people who hate America.”
  • E.W. Jackson says that “the Southern Poverty Law Center is nothing but a glorified, modernized version of the Ku Klux Klan without the violence” and which persecutes Christians.
  • Alex McFarland has a question for Christians who refused to vote for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election: “Would you rather have an abrasive man that’s a moral constitutionalist or would you rather have a polite, gregarious devil?”
  • Finally, DeAnna Lorraine complains that the current season of “The Bachelor” shows that Black Lives Matters wants to “humiliate the white person, they want to publicly lynch the white person, and attack them, and dominate over them.”