Right Wing Bonus Tracks: How To Stop Mass Shootings

  • Chris McDonald says that the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton were designed to distract the nation from revelations about Rep. Elijah Cummings’ supposed corruption.
  • Josh Bernstein thinks that the easiest way to stop mass shootings is to outlaw gun-free zones and “remove all gun laws on the books.”
  • Bill Mitchell is sick of arguing with “crazed extremists” who are outraged by President Trump’s support of red flag laws.
  • Erich Pratt insists that America can never outlaw assault weapons because they are necessary when fighting off gangs of home invaders.
  • MassResistance declares that “we must completely shut down the other side, not just try to carve out our ‘safe space.’ It’s not good enough to get a library to allow a conservative Bible study while Drag Queens still get their story hours. The Drag Queens must be out of the libraries altogether!”
  • Finally, Stephen Strang and Dennis Prager assert that conservatives like Trump because “he is authentic. He doesn’t change his demeanor, appearance or accent depending on who he is talking to.” Really?