Right Wing Bonus Tracks: How to Prove Your Love to God

  • David Barton says that colonial-era laws banning non-Christians from holding elected office were really no different than a homeowners association insisting that “if you move into this neighborhood, this is what we want in our neighborhood … If you’re going to be part of this community, here’s what we want in this community.”
  • Perry Stone is urging people to consider moving because he had a prophetic dream of a tsunami striking America the East coast. He’s also had dreams of tsunamis striking along the Gulf of Mexico and the West coast, so don’t plan on moving there, either.
  • Dan Perkins predicts that President Trump will win 48 states in the 2020 election.
  • God wants Christians to prove their love for him by voting for Trump in 2020, says Bill Mitchell.
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley asserts that Rep. Ilhan Omar “is legitimately a jihadist terrorist” and that Barack Obama “was fucking jihadi-in-chief, he was a traitor [and] an infiltrator of this country.”