Right Wing Bonus Tracks: How The NFL Is Causing Wars

  • Andrew Bieszad of Shoebat.com warns that LGBTQ people are learning to use guns “not to defend themselves, but to attempt to position themselves so that when a politically advantageous situation arises, they can kill people.”
  • Chad Connelly, the RNC’s director of evangelical outreach, has resigned. He says that he was treated poorly, while the RNC says that he was bad at his job.
  • TruNews says that “Satan is using the Disney Channel to increase sexual perversion and confusion in the hearts of God’s children.”
  • Sam Sorbo, wife of right-wing actor Kevin Sorbo, is reportedly being courted to run for Congress.
  • Finally, former NFL quarterback Mike Boryla told Sheila Zilinsky that DNA is a “fractal antenna” and is being physically changed by NFL broadcasts, resulting in more violence and wars.