Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hoping To Be Trump’s Best Friend In Congress

  • William Gheen is not happy about the possibility that Congress will permanently address the DACA issue: “If amnesty for the DACA illegal alien DREAMers passes, they will use that as a strong lever to pass amnesty for all illegal immigrants—which will then give socialist Democrats permanent control of U.S. elections forevermore.”
  • Linda Harvey says that critics of the anti-LGBTQ Nashville Statement want to “wipe out Christianity altogether” and are “drawing out the long knives.”
  • Anna Jane Joyner disputes her father’s assertion that Hurricane Harvey had nothing to do with climate change.
  • Julio Severo continues to insist that Hurricane Harvey was God’s punishment on America for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.
  • Finally, Michael Snyder says that he is running for Congress in order to shut down the “witch hunt” against President Trump and become the president’s “best friend in Congress.”