Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hollywood Liberals Have Broken America

  • Trump-loving media personalities Diamond and Silk gave a convocation speech at Liberty University.
  • Pat Robertson says President Trump’s proposed steel tariffs are “not a smart move.”
  • Alt-right activist Greg Conte, who was fired from his Maryland teaching job after he was outed as a white nationalist, was arrested at Michigan State University ahead of a scheduled speech by alt-right speaker Richard Spencer.
  • Elizabeth Johnston, a.k.a. “Activist Mommy,” asks: “How do you address mental health issues in a country where it’s normal for a man to turn himself into a woman?”
  • David Whitney says: “Never should we disarm the citizens in this land who must protect themselves daily against the murderous products of our state-run school systems.”
  • Finally, the Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor says that in the Hollywood liberals have “broken America” and fantasizes about a world where white men “don’t exist.”