Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Hidden ‘T’

  • Right-wing activists, Christian nationalists, and self-proclaimed “prophets” gathered Thursday night in Phoenix, where Dutch Sheets and Hank Kunneman called on the audience to “take authority” over the upcoming election and asked God to send hordes of angels to give them a “sweeping victory in the state of Arizona.”
  • “Wallbuilders Live” co-host Rick Green claimed that David Barton “is the premier historian in America. He’s read more of the Founding Fathers than anybody alive.”
  • Ali Alexander brags that when he goes into the Capitol Hill Club—a private Republican club in Washington, D.C.—he is “beloved” by GOP insiders: “All these guys love me.”
  • Scott Lively warns that the “T” in LGBT secretly stands to “transhumanism”: “The LGBT agenda represents not just a coalition of sexual dysfunctions but a chronology of stages in the deconstruction of God’s created order (from the tips of the branches toward its roots), and that ‘transhumanism’ represents a hidden ‘T’ contained within ‘transgenderism’ in the LGBT abbreviation.”
  • Finally, Steve Deace says the Democratic Party is “a demonic construct, a satanically-influenced entity, and a death cult” and that anyone who supports it is “voting for dudes teabagging their hairy sacks on children at public libraries and public schools.”