Right Wing Bonus Tracks: He’s One of Me

  • Mike Pompeo appeared on the “WallBuilders Live” radio program Wednesday, and David Barton said that while he generally doesn’t get infatuated with political leaders, he is smitten with Pompeo because “I felt like he’s one of me.”
  • After declaring that he hopes Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “burns in Hell for even being alive,” Josh Bernstein essentially threatened violence if the For The People voting reform legislation is passed.
  • Michele Bachmann is now promoting a blood test that she claims can determine if you’re naturally immune to COVID-19, warning that if you’re immune and get vaccinated, “that pushes your body’s system into autoimmune disease territory. That’s really bad.”
  • Outraged that Mike Lindell had called his TruNews network a “fake news” antifa front for Media Matters, Rick Wiles demanded that Lindell retract his accusations, issue an apology, and send TruNews $1 million “to compensate for the damage you have done to us.” Following that demand, Wiles and Lindell spoke and  TruNews announced that they “prayed together and are brothers in Christ!”
  • Finally, if this clip of self-proclaimed “prophet” Robin Bullock singing “Sorrow For Soros” doesn’t wind up in some future Vic Berger video, then what are we even doing here?