Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Happy Racist-versary

  • Jesse Lee Peterson explains how President Trump is “just like Jesus.”
  • Charlie Kirk falsely claims that no Republicans work at Google.
  • Mike Heath says that “the Scouts are Donald Trump’s global infantry for sodomy. The once morally straight venerable American institution is now diabolically crooked.”
  • Katrina Pierson declares that the people who are taking issue with Trump’s comments about Baltimore, which were criticized as racist and bigoted, are the real racists.
  • Glenn Beck is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the time he asserted that Barack Obama was racist.
  • Meanwhile, BlazeTV’s Stu Burguiere theorizes that Trump isn’t racist at all.
  • Finally, E.W. Jackson has launched the STAND Against Communism Coalition, along with Jerome Corsi, Trevor Loudon, Rafael Cruz, and Allen West: “The Left is introducing a poison pill into America’s political bloodstream. Socialism is Marxism. Marxism is communism. Communism is totalitarianism and slavery. This ideology is evil. The American people need to know that our Constitution and way of life are being betrayed by politicians who are pushing Marxism.”