Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Groypers Have A Google Problem

  • Perry Stone claims that “on the year of every major election, there are attacks that begin occurring in which the secular news begins to hit ministers and large churches.” Stone says he has plan for exposing “what is being plotted by the leftists,” but will only share it at an event “where just MY people will be in attendance.”
  • Ben Zeisloft vows that “Christians will criminalize abortion in America.”
  • Finally, someone is offering a “rebellious” anti-woke water.
  • We’re not sure we understand the logic behind Isabella Moody’s attempt to become a far-right commentator when her entire message is literally “women aren’t smart” and “that’s why we should never listen to women.”
  • Finally, white nationalists Vincent James and Dalton Clodfelter realize that they both have a Google problem that has rendered them virtually unemployable.
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