Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Grifter Central

  • James Robison now says that former President Donald Trump acts “like a little elementary schoolchild.” That is not what Robison was saying publicly when he was a sycophantic spiritual adviser to Trump in office.
  • Ali Alexander declares that “Abortion is for SATANIC SKANKS!”
  • Speaking of Alexander, he and Laura Loomer trashed Trump’s 2024 announcement, saying that the speech “sucked” and the “the invite list looked like grifter central.”
  • Steve Deace warns that “the United States’ government is about to declare itself at war with the Kingdom of God” with the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act and that those who vote for it will go to Hell.
  • Finally, Kanye West is now hanging out with Milo Yiannopoulos and, possibly, Nick Fuentes.