Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Grace, Acceptance, and Love

  • DeAnna Lorraine thinks that Bill Gates might not be human.
  • Rodney Howard-Browne will be releasing a book next month about the COVID-19 pandemic called “The Phantom Virus: How An Unseen Enemy Shut Down The Planet!”
  • Brenden Dilley thinks he has figured out why Joe Scarborough does not like President Donald Trump.
  • Dave Daubenmire fumes that “a nation founded by Christians has bowed its knee to the Devil and his minions … We elect leaders who think homosexuality is normal. We employ teachers who teach it. We elected representatives who engage in it. We sit under pastors who embrace it. We watch TV programs that promote it. And we obey courts that validate it.”
  • Finally, Ralph Reed insists that evangelicals supported Trump in 2016 not because they are hypocrites who care only about political power but because they were demonstrating Christian grace, acceptance, and love toward him.