Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Got Jesus?

  • It is 2021 and Pat Robertson is still warning people against playing Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Liberty Counsel’s Holly Meade claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene oxide for the purpose of “controlling people and linking them to the internet.”
  • Jeff Jansen, who “prophesied” that former President Donald Trump would be back in office by April before moving the date to June, now insists that he knows “for a fact that [Trump] has already been inaugurated” on March 4.
  • Bill Donohue is angry that the media is not covering the fact that gymnast Simone Biles is Catholic, and he thinks he knows why: “To be black is to be a victim; to be a Catholic is to be a victimizer. Therefore citing Biles’ religious affiliation gets in the way of their narrative, which is to cast her as a member of the oppressed class.”
  • Finally, Joshua Feuerstein tells Christians “you don’t have to wear the mask, you got Jesus. You don’t need the vaccine, you got Jesus.”