Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God’s Secret Plan

  • Jack Hibbs declares that “it is time to attack lawlessness and to hunt down the people responsible for defund the police.”
  • Bishop Larry Gaiters claims that Kobe Bryant was killed by the Clintons.
  • Richard Viguerie proclaims that Joe Biden is “on a path to be the all-time worst [president], without any serious competition.”
  • Scott Lively is calling for the passage of a constitutional amendment that would ensure that “no public health emergency policy shall be extended beyond 30 days that does not at minimum accommodate the rights of those citizens who decline to be subject to them.”
  • David Lane warns that “modern America has gone morally and religiously rogue under the influence of religious secularism.”
  • Finally, Johnny Enlow reports that God has stopped revealing his plan to put former President Donald Trump back in office because he doesn’t want the enemy to hear about it: “It would literally mess up strategy of how the Lord is doing it.”