Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God’s President for Earth

  • Lauren Witzke declares that “it’s time we start naming and shaming EVERY traitor we come across. Murderous doctors, corrupt politicians, and Government officials. It’s time to disrupt their lives, because they have inhumanely and shamelessly destroyed ours. I’m not even entirely sure people like Dr. Fauci or CDC Director Rochelle Walensky are even human.”
  • Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake appeared on “Steel Truth” last night, a program hosted by full-blown QAnon conspiracy theorist and “American state national” Ann Vandersteel.
  • Josh Bernstein prays that the military will to “turn on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and get rid of, by force if necessary, this fraudulent administration”: “That makes me a patriot.”
  • Laura Loomer is struggling to come to grips with the antisemitism of her so-called allies on the far right like Nick Fuentes.
  • Finally, Johnny Enlow proclaims that “from Heaven’s standpoint, Trump is the number one government official on planet Earth. He is the president not just of the United States; he is God’s president for Earth.”