Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God’s Chaos Code

  • Michael Brown declares that “it seems certain that divine judgment is already in our midst, seen, at the very least by the evidence of withheld blessings. It also seems certain that He is giving us over to our own fleshly desires, barely holding us back from implosion. And it seems certain that His fiery judgment could soon be poured out.”
  • Laura Loomer asserts that her opponent, Democrat Rep. Lois Frankel, is “the epitome of a self-hating Jew” and “a traitor to her own people” who “doesn’t even have enough principles to stay loyal to her own kind.”
  • Lance Wallnau has a new book coming out in time for the election: “God’s Chaos Code: Donald J. Trump and the Ancient Code That Reveals The Destiny of Nations.”
  • Erik Rush warns that “it is entirely possible that if President Trump secures reelection, the left will escalate and extend the scope of the violence, touching off a full-blown, costly civil war. I believe it is equally possible that if Joe Biden wins the election, heretofore law-abiding Americans will determine that enough is enough, rise up and take decisive action against leftist dissidents.”
  • Finally, Chris McDonald says that former President Bill Clinton has no right to criticize President Donald Trump because Clinton was “literally committing orgies in the White House, probably pedophilia, God knows what else.”