Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God Gave Us a Gift

  • George Barna says that support for socialism in falling in America and he thinks that he knows why: “Because God gave us a gift. God gave us AOC, God gave us Elizabeth Warren and God wouldn’t let Bernie Sanders die … AOC talks utter nonsense and Bernie Sanders is all befuddled about the fact that not only are people trying to steal his thunder but he’s not sure what the thunder is.”
  • Legitimate journalists are reportedly not very happy that representatives from TruNews were credentialed to cover the NATO summit in London.
  • Frosty Wooldridge would like to remind black people that “slavery built the pyramids, Great Wall, Carthage, Rome and other big empires. The one thing that African-Americans can at least appreciate: over 500,000 white Union soldiers gave up their lives to end slavery.”
  • Erik Rush declares that “like transgenderism, homosexuality represents fundamental emotional and psychological dysfunction and should be treated as such.”
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays for Chick-fil-A: “Father, only you can change the hearts of people; only you can repair the damage that has been done. Move upon this company. Stir them to see the damage and to repent. Grant discernment from heaven. Cause those who are taking a biblical stand to persevere and not be influenced by CFA’s actions. May none be led astray or lose faith as a result of this; rather, may people give all the more to support Bible-honoring organizations, just as they have helped CFA prosper.”