Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God Bless Chechnya For Killing Gays

  • Catherine Davis of The Restoration Project say that CNN is “a propaganda machine operating to take America down from within. Like [William Randolph] Hearst they are starting a war based a false narrative of race baiting and hate. This time, however, the war may destroy America if their yellow journalism is not stopped. We must resist this propaganda maneuver lest America fail.”
  • CBN, the White House’s favorite propaganda outlet, interviews Trump’s daughter-in-law, who assures everyone that the president “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.”
  • David Lightsey explains why “making food choices based upon the junk-science of evolution is misguided.”
  • Don Boys insists that “Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression against the genteel southland was not to free the slaves as Lincoln admitted, but he used it later as a ‘sales job’ to prosecute the war. Taxes, tariffs, and states’ rights to nullification were the original reasons brother fought brother with over 600,000 dead.”
  • Finally, Theodore Shoebat applauds reports that gay people are being arrested and killed in Chechnya: “I don’t know how accurate this report on Chechnya killing sodomites is, but if its true, all I can say is God bless Chechnya for this.”