Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Get Your ‘Jew Coup’ T-Shirt

  • Lance Wallnau prays for President Donald Trump: “We ask you to expose the D.C. mechanics who plotted to sabotage Donald Trump’s Presidency. May John Durham and William Barr be anointed and directed, so they do what Jeremiah was called to do: ‘uproot, cast down, destroy, build and plant.'”
  • This 2017 prophecy from Hank Kunneman has not aged particularly well: “President Trump Will Not Be Impeached!”
  • Rick Joyner insists that Hillary Clinton only appeared to win the popular vote in 2016 due to rampant voter fraud: “Trump won the popular vote … and probably by a good margin.”
  • Brenden Dilley is very thankful to be living in America under Trump instead of that “treasonous, shitbag jihadi” Barack Obama.
  • Finally, Rick Wiles is hoping to use the Senate impeachment trial as an opportunity to sell “Jew coup” merchandise.