Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Frog March of the Morons

  • Anti-choice activists will be gathering outside the Supreme Court next week “to roll out a petition asking SCOTUS to overturn the decision that legalized abortion nationwide.”
  • Jim Bakker reports that, according to Jonathan Cahn, “we don’t have much more than a decade left” before the return of Christ.
  • Rick Wiles says that “if you support the overthrow of the president, you are a domestic enemy of the republic.” Of course, Wiles felt quite differently when President Obama was in office.
  • J. Christian Adams shares his thoughts on the Democrats launching an impeachment inquiry against President Trump: “They have been bitten by a rabid animal. They are out of control. They don’t care that the president has a 51 percent approval rating. This is a theology to them. This is their religion.”
  • E.W. Jackson is likewise outraged by the inquiry: “They are not committed to serving the American people. They have one motivation: get Trump! End his presidency by whatever means necessary! These people are the danger to our Republic, not Donald Trump. These accusations are nothing more than Russia Collusion 2.0. Their deepest hatred is reserved for the 65 million Americans who voted for Trump.” (FWIW, Trump won just under 63 million votes … nearly 3 million fewer than Hillary Clinton.)
  • Finally, Doug Hagmann bravely declares that he’s ready to storm the Capitol and start arresting the Democrats and “deep state” operatives who are supposedly working to take down Trump: “Give me the flippin’ handcuffs. I know a dozen people right now, let’s get the handcuffs, let’s go to Capitol Hill, and let’s start frog-marching these morons out of there.”