Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Forced Child Marriage

  • Rachel Hamm is “super frustrated” that the “death angel” she had prophesied didn’t kill a bunch of people at the U.S Capitol in the month of May, but she’s still holding out hope: “We’re praying that it’s still gonna come. We’re praying that it’s soon. We’re sad that it didn’t already happen.”
  • Lance Wallnau admits that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis supporters “LOVE IT when they snap” at the media “because you’re so pretentious.”
  • Jarrin Jackson agrees: “45 has ego, narcissism, and a vengeful wrath. And his biggest enemies aren’t the common people in America, but the deep state, bad actors, & color revolutionaries. He’s a rabid guard dog, fomenting at the mouth…. We the People need to unleash Trump.”
  • Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin defended his friend Nick Fuentes’ desire to take a 16-year-old child bride, insisting that “we really need to shoot lower than that” and enact “forced child marriage”: “The idea that the girl is menstruating (i.e. , dropping eggs) but is somehow not ready for sex does not make any sense. That’s saying God made a mistake.”
  • Laura Loomer is threatening to move to Georgia to launch a primary campaign against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.
  • Finally, this is a real piece published by Liberty University’s Standing For Freedom Center: “Some People Deserve to Starve: A Biblical View of Work and Welfare.”