Right Wing Bonus Tracks: For Such a Time as This

  • Rep. Madison Cawthorn has “a plan to save America” that “includes doubling the homeschool population in America by 2030” because he believes that homeschoolers, such as himself, “were born for such a time as this” to free the nation from tyranny.
  • “Prophet” Donna Rigney declares that former President Donald Trump is a modern-day Moses who will be returned to office, while also announcing that God told her that “after Trump, there is going to be another president and he will be even greater than Trump was.”
  • Eugene Delgaudio responds to the election results in Virginia: “All allies of the Homosexual Lobby would be wise to take a lesson from the Virginia upset — parents are fed up with this sexually perverse garbage being shoved down their children’s throats.”
  • DeAnna Lorraine says that Colin Kaepernick has no business protesting racism because he “was adopted by mostly a white family” and so “he’s the least Black person, traditionally.”
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn brags that he is “a doctor of theology. I was the youngest ordained evangelist in America at 14 years old, [and] I’ve lived for the Lord my whole life.” If you say so.