Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Flop Flip

  • Dave Hayes claims former President Donald Trump “set up the withdrawal from Afghanistan” with the intention that President Joe Biden would “botch it” and be removed via the 25th Amendment, at which point the military will step in before Vice President Kamala Harris can be sworn in, make mass arrests, and restore Trump to the White House.
  • Joseph Farah says that Biden made a deal the devil to become president: “We just don’t know in what form the devil came to him. But we will soon find out. Or lose the country forever.”
  • Hank Kunneman delivers a word from God: “Flop Flip.” What that means, he said, is that “the agenda of Hell” to steal the election from Trump will “flop” and when it does, those responsible will “flip” in an effort to save themselves.
  • Charlie Kirk will be joining Johnny Enlow and other right-wing conspiracy theorists for a Seven Mountains-themed conference.
  • Finally, Michele Malkin appeared on the “TruNews” program where she warned that those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine will be forced into quarantine camps. Does that mean that Malkin is no longer a proponent of forced internment?