Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Flood the Polls

  • David Lane warns that “if Christians stay home this Tuesday, Nov. 8, then those living in rebellion against God elect their representatives, create and pass legislation reflecting their godless values and codify into law their immoral, crude and distorted views that run afoul of God and His values.”
  • Charlie Kirk tells right-wing Christians to “flood the polls on Tuesday. It’s your biblical duty to do so.”
  • Stella Immanuel declares that “the worst RINO” is better than any Democratic candidate because even “the best Democrat running for office is evil.”
  • Mario Murillo tells Democrats not to even think about trying to “steal” this election: “Americans rightly blame you for crime, inflation and destroying the economy. This time, if you attempt to seize power by manipulating votes in battleground states, you will be totally discredited. There will be a massive backlash and a massive investigation.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander issues a rallying cry for the election: “CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM ULTRA MAGA ELECTION INTEGRITY STOP THE STEAL NOW!!!”