Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Fill The White House With Groypers

  • Ed Martin, who was recently chosen to serve as deputy policy director of the RNC platform committee, has launched a 40 day prayer campaign leading up to the GOP convention.
  • “Prophet” Mary Colbert warns that October will be “a very perilous month” and is therefore launching her own prayer effort in anticipation of the election.
  • Jack Hibbs tells parents to send their children to Liberty University, because if they go anywhere else, they’re “gonna come out of college hating America [and] hating white people.”
  • After having his “Extreme Accountability Event” canceled by Caesars, Stew Peters has now moved it to the Sarasota Fairgrounds.
  • Self-proclaimed “prophet” Donna Rigney reads a passage from the book of Jeremiah, which was composed over 2,500 years ago, and declares it “was speaking prophetically of Donald Trump”: “He is a righteous man. He is a man with a heart after [God’s] heart.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes encourages his supporters get involved with the Trump campaign, the America First Policy Institute, Project 2025, and other right-wing efforts so that if Trump is reelected, they can “fill up the White House with groypers.”
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