Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Fighting Dogs on Mother Teresa’s Grave

  • Jim Garlow laughably insists that the evangelical leaders who surround President Donald Trump are not ignoring “anyone’s immorality or behavior, including the President’s. Not one. They never have … Numerous high visibility evangelicals have had opportunity to be with the President, to counsel him and to pray with him. Some have spoken truth to leadership. Wisely, they do not discuss the content of those meetings publicly. Nor should they.”
  • Dave Kubal printed out thousands of prayers for members of the Trump administration and was able to deliver them when he attended an “intimate gathering” with government officials recently.
  • Glenn Beck’s “Restoring The Covenant” event is scheduled for July 4, 2020 in Gettysburg, Pa., which means that he must have gotten the miracle he was praying for.
  • Todd Starnes mocks Joe Biden for stuttering during last night’s Democratic debate.
  • Finally, Jonathan Shuttlesworth declares that he’ll continue to support Trump even if he’s found to be running a dog-fighting ring on Mother Teresa’s grave while having multiple affairs—because at least the president doesn’t support Drag Queen Story Hour.