Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Fight of the Conspiracy Theorists

  • Mark Taylor says that Bill Gates “is being used by Hell itself to commit genocide, literal genocide” through the promotion of vaccines.
  • When asked to explain why President Donald Trump’s personal behavior hasn’t changed despite supposedly having developed a deep Christian faith and regularly being surrounded by evangelical Christian leaders, all James Robison could say was, “I think we see it in his actions.”
  • After repeatedly defending state decisions to ban the exercise of things like Islam and Satanism by insisting that “states are allowed the freedom under the Founders’ Constitution to regulate religious expression any way they choose,” Bryan Fischer has changed his tune now that states have begun closing Christian churches in an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
  • Charlie Kirk says that not allowing churches to meet is nothing more that “religious persecution and a police state.”
  • Finally, Seth Rich conspiracy theorist Matt Couch is now fighting with followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory after his website published a piece asserting that fellow conspiracy theorist Austin Steinbart is most likely Q.