Right-Wing Bonus Tracks: Feel the Communism Burning

  • Shane Vaughn declares that anyone who accepts the results of the 2020 presidential election and doesn’t demand an audit of the results in states that Donald Trump lost is “trampling on the blood” of soldiers who have lost their lives in defense of this country.
  • Ninety days ago, Josh Bernstein predicted that “there’s no way that we’re not going to have a terrorist attack within the next 90 days” as the result of the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan: “There’s going to be a major terrorist attack—major—within the next 90 days.”
  • Jim Garlow is fed up with the public school system: “The Teachers Unions are simply too powerful, too pervasive, too corrupt and evil. 2020 revealed how vile they can be. And the curriculum is irredeemable. I have had it. Get your children out of public schools. Now. Exit. Now.”
  • Leigh Valentine claims to have had a prophetic dream in 1987 of the nation cloaked in darkness until Donald Trump emerged: “He was this bright light that God Almighty had anointed.”
  • Kat Kerr insists that her prophecies don’t have to correspond to the Bible because she is receiving revelation directly from God and Jesus.
  • Finally, Jackson Lahmeyer followed through on his promise to make a video that would “cause a lot of liberal tears.” It was just a video of him burning some masks: “You can just feel the communism burning.”