Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Faultless

  • Robert Jeffress can’t find one fault with President Donald Trump: “I like everything about him.”
  • John Horvat II says that Christianity represents the only hope of “overthrowing abortion [and the] LGBT reign of terror.”
  • Bryan Fischer continues to compare Trump to Jesus: “Just as the trial of Jesus was built on manufactured evidence, so the impeachment of the president is based on a twisted and mangled version of his actions.”
  • Rodney Howard-Browne declares that “compared to the Democratic candidates, [Trump] is like an angel with wings.”
  • Dave Daubenmire insists that his assertion that Meghan Markle “poisoned” the royal bloodline by virtue of being half black was in no way racist.
  • Finally, Rick Wiles declares that God is granting TruNews access to events like the World Economic Forum so that Wiles can preach the Christian gospel to world leaders and save their souls.