Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Fanatical Nutjobs

  • Robert Jeffress says that Rodney Howard-Browne and other pastors who continue to hold church services amid the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak are “fanatical nutjobs … who are doing stupid things.”
  • Mychal Massie declares that he has no intention of listening to Democrats “when they come between my church and me. I’m going to behave responsibly, but I’m not going to let godless baby-killers and sodomites tell me when, where and how I can worship.”
  • A warning from Scott Lively: “God forbid that the Democrats take back the White House as a result of this crisis, because they will never voluntarily give back these powers to the people.”
  • Mary Colbert, who was largely responsible for discovering and promoting “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, is now warning Christians not to follow him.
  • Ann Vandersteel goes “a little QAnon” in an effort to find a connection between President Donald Trump and Easter.
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley claims that Trump is deeply empathetic and that “his soft spot is a lot bigger than most Americans even understand.”