Right Wing Bonus Tracks: False and Ridiculous

  • Liz Crokin has made a career out of being a right-wing conspiracy theorist who regularly accuses celebrities and political leaders of being satanic pedophiles, but is now upset by the “false & ridiculous” rumors that she lost the tips of her fingers in a satanic ritual.
  • Jim Hoft can’t understand why the Food and Drug Administration warned Americans against taking the drug hydroxychloroquine outside of a clinical setting, accusing the agency of issuing the warning for anti-Trump political reasons: “The FDA is so politicized today that the leaders would rather see Americans die than tell the liberal horde to back off.”
  • Robert Barnes, who has acted as a lawyer for Alex Jones and Infowars, compares stay-at-home orders to Nazi Germany concentration camps.
  • Dave Rubin has a message for people who are afraid to admit that they watch conservative political programming: “You’re in the political closet, and it’s time to come out.”
  • E.W. Jackson is hosting a “STAND Against Socialism/Communism Event” that will feature a “symbolic swearing in to a Citizen Oath to the Constitution.”
  • Finally, Peter LaBarbera is upset about being criticized on Twitter: “I could fill a very large book with all the ‘#GayHate’ tweets that have come my way since joining Twitter in 2009.”