Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Everybody Is Talking About the 10th Amendment

  • The Family Research Council prays against the Equality Act: “Lord, men and women who reject your law are seeking to impose their sexual lawlessness upon those who are seeking to obey your laws. They seek morally lawless legal power to punish those who can never affirm their sinful choices and maintain their fidelity to your word. Intervene we pray, not only to prevent this lawless HR 5 bill to pass, but to set a marker that elected representatives of the American people will not yet again declare righteous what you declare unrighteous, nor provide sexual activists the tools with which to persecute religious believers.”
  • Cliff Kincaid declares that “rather than less McCarthyism, we need more.”
  • Pete Hegseth claims that when he sits down with real Americans at diners across this nation, “they’re not talking about esoteric things that the Ivy League talks about. Instead, he says, “They’re talking about things like the Bible, standing for the national anthem, and the 10th Amendment.
  • Striking her staff upon the ground, “prophetess” Kat Kerr calls forth Donald Trump to step into his destiny and take his rightful place as president.
  • Scott Lively reports that he once did a prayer walk around the Southern Poverty Law Center asking God to destroy the organization. He notes that “so far, that prayer has not been effective.”
  • Finally, Glenn Beck is handing out awards for egregious political hypocrisy. Ironically, if there was an award for the biggest hypocrite handing out awards for hypocrisy, Beck would win it.