Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Evangelicals Don’t Seem Offended

  • Rep. Steve King is still trolling the National Right to Life Committee for not backing a vote on his “heartbeat” bill.
  • Larry Tomczak recalls that “the late Bob Jones once spoke prophetically that something significant would occur after five key leaders died. We recalled four: Oral Roberts, Bill Bright, Kenneth Hagin and now Billy Graham.”
  • Peter LaBarbera continues to rail against CPAC: “Anyone who know me knows that I’m a Cause guy, and a Truth guy. And the ’cause’ which I humbly believe I am called to defend is God’s Truth about the sin of homosexuality and the insidious, ‘out-and-proud’ LGBTQ movement that demands celebration of it. Now I am deeply saddened to report that American ‘conservatism’ is going pro-homosexual at the expense of truth and wholesome morality. (Is Christianity next?)”
  • Mat Staver, who regularly accuses us of spreading “fake news” for simply quoting the things that he says, is once again spreading fake news himself by falsely claiming that CNN scripted questions for students participating in a discussion on gun control following the Parkland shooting.
  • Finally, End Times author Paul McGuire says that he doesn’t believe the reports that President Trump had an adulterous affair with pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, insisting that the allegations were ginned up to try to weaken the Religious Right’s support for Trump because evangelicals “would be very offended” if such a thing actually happened.