Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Endless Misery, Depression, and Death

  • Candace Owens told Vice President Mike Pence in a recent interview that media scrutiny of him “doesn’t help anybody.”
  • Fringe right-wing conspiracy theorist Tiffany FitzHenry reports that she is good friends with Roseanne Barr and that the two speak frequently.
  • David Lane knows what is the blame for mass shootings in America: “The blatant disavowal and renunciation of God in America, along with last century’s exodus of Christians from the public square, provide the key to explaining America’s frenzied headlong plunge into cultural depravation. Those in rebellion against God plundered the culture and abolished the Founding Fathers’ biblically based laws, customs and early education models.”
  • Paul Joseph Watson may not be at Infowars anymore, but he’s still a conspiracy theorist who implied that a video of climate activist Greta Thunberg speaking at the United Nations could be fake.
  • Wanda Alger asserts that President Trump has faced extreme opposition “because of the Lord’s favor on him and his mission to defeat the globalists, communists, socialists and every other group that wants to rid our nation of God and our sovereign republic.”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein declares that everyone has to vote for Trump in 2020 “because the alternative is misery, depression, death, poverty, loss of jobs, loss of freedom, loss of freedom of speech, the loss of your Second Amendment rights. The list is endless.”