Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Dream Big

  • Peter LaBarbera is hoping that his upcoming protest against the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell ruling will spark a national movement: “Pro-lifers come from all across the country to march on D.C. in January to mark Roe v. Wade and we’re hoping that we build a coalition against this evil gay marriage ruling from 2015 in just the same way.”
  • The White House has announced that Stephanie Grisham, who has been serving as the spokesperson for First Lady Melania Trump, has been tapped to become the new White House press secretary.
  • CNB reports that Janet and Craig Parshall and Ryan Anderson are among the Religious Right leaders who are training Christian activists to run for office.
  • It is no small irony that Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network is misrepresenting the facts while raging that Democrats and the media are misrepresenting the Trump administration’s defense of denying soap and toothbrushes to detained immigrant children.
  • Steven Rogers, a member of President Trump’s 2020 Advisory Board, says that America is “being healed by the hand of God” through the president, who “knows that he is accountable to God Almighty.”