Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Doug Jones Is A Godless Degenerate

  • Larry Tomczak claims that among the ways the “Trump administration [is] working tirelessly on our behalf” is by boldly “confronting corruption”: “Whether it’s calling for The Washington Post to fire a reporter using a deceptive event photo, calling out officials as ‘lawless’ in disobeying federal law, challenging recalcitrant athletes who dishonor our flag or simply standing up to deceptive commentators and threatening world leaders, our commander in chief is unwavering in his commitment to ‘drain the swamp.'”
  • Catholic Vote is asking supporters to “STOP the Left From Destroying President Trump and Thank him for the Appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court” by signing a letter of thanks to President Trump.
  • Mark Crutcher says that even if Roy Moore was guilty of sexual misconduct in the past, Doug Jones is a “current baby killer” and “godless degenerate.”
  • Don Feder says that “liberals belong to the America of transgendered bathrooms, gay wedding cakes, campus speech codes, sanctuary cities, gun buyback programs, partial-birth abortion, racial diversity, social justice, Islamophobia as the principal threat to our security, and government forcing consumers to buy health insurance they neither want nor need.”
  • Finally, the National Organization for Marriage teases that it is “on the cusp of making a major announcement in the next few days about a big new initiative we have planned for the new year.”