Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Dog-Whistling To Domestic Terrorists

  • Matt Barber needs money to “ensure the nation knows the SPLC is ‘dog-whistling’ to domestic terrorists to go after conservative, Christian groups who they claim are ‘hate groups,’ simply because these groups hold fast to the truths of God’s Word.”
  • Bill Muehlenberg says God is not a fan of pride parades: “They want the whole world to see their sin and to embrace it and celebrate it. The holy and righteous God of the universe is certainly not going to take all this lightly. Repentance is the only way forward here.”
  • Theodore Shoebat has been secretly posting videos on YouTube under the name David Wolf.
  • Cabot Phillips, media director at Campus Reform, claims the fact that Chelsea Manning did not require an extensive security detail when she spoke at the University of California-Los Angeles proves that conservative students are more tolerant than liberal students.
  • David Codrea writes on the Oath Keepers website that Eric Holder is “back trying to make murdered schoolchildren do for his goals what murdered Mexicans could not: Disarm countrymen he loathes.”
  • Finally, Liz Crokin reports that “my solid sources say there are videos on the Anthony Weiner laptop proving Pizzagate, Pedogate and the child sex trafficking is real and that includes a video involving Hillary Clinton molesting a child. I made a video discussing this and it was MAGAPILL’s pinned tweet when President Trump RT’d him. This was the President’s way confirming this is true.”