Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Disciple America Back to God

  • Even though Republican Glenn Youngkin won the gubernatorial election in Virginia, Josh Bernstein is still demanding a forensic audit to prove that Youngkin won in a “landslide” by at least “20 or 30 points.”
  • Stella Immanuel reports that the Holy Spirit gave her a 10-point plan on how to “disciple America back to God.”
  • Newsmax benched correspondent Emerald Robinson for spreading wild conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccines, so Rick Wiles is offering her a position with his TruNews network.
  • Liz Crokin has resurfaced with a new a “documentary” called “Slave Princess” about Britney Spears, claiming that she is using the “expertise” she gained as Qanon conspiracy theorist covering sex trafficking to tell Spears’ story.
  • Finally, it turns out that Stew Peters and Clay Clark, both anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists and right-wing broadcasters, fancy themselves to be rappers.