Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Demonic Recruiters

  • Pat Robertson thinks that the role of the attorney general is to protect the president: “[Jeff Sessions] was the man who was supposed to do the blocking and tackling for the guy carrying the ball.”
  • Jerome Corsi is in desperate need of money after being ensnared in Robert Muller’s investigation.
  • Yesterday, The White House revoked CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s “hard pass” press credentials and pro-Trump television network One America News senses an opportunity.
  • Bill Mitchell and Chris McDonald hope that a federal judge will strike down Florida’s Amendment 4, which will restore voting rights to those convicted of felonies.
  • Dave Janda says that Fox News is “controlled opposition” and “part of the globalist syndicate.”
  • Rebel Media’s Katie Hopkins met with Jesse Lee Peterson while in California.
  • Finally, Gordon Klingenschmitt warns that “demonic recruiters” are using television programs to infect viewers: “They want to recruit you to sin. Why? So that the demons that are inside of them will come through that television set and you will invite them into your home.”