Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Demonic Energy

  • Chris McDonald could feel the “demonic energy” when former President Barack Obama spoke at Rep. John Lewis’ funeral, saying that it was almost as if Satan himself was speaking.
  • Scott Lively says the “LGBT political parasite [has] attached itself to the Black Civil Rights movement, which it has possessed and exploited ever since. Dropping the pink triangle like a snake sheds its skin, it hijacked the rainbow as its new symbol, which it stole from Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition.”
  • After losing his job delivering packages for FedEx because he was posting bigoted videos on YouTube while wearing his uniform, anti-LGBTQ activist Mike Heath now wants to sue FedEx for a trillion dollars.
  • Lowell Ponte asserts that the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki in order to kill Christians: “Thousands of Japan’s secret Christians went to Nagasaki, believing that Christian America would never destroy Japan’s most ‘Christian’ city. More Japanese Christians died in that atomic blast than during centuries of Japan’s persecution of Christians. They did not know that the leftist Democratic ruling elite in 1945 Washington, D.C., as now, were anti-Christian.”
  • Finally, Jo Rae Perkins, the QAnon-believing Republican Senate nominee in Oregon, claims that mask mandates violate the 4th Amendment because “you cannot force me to do to my body anything that I’m not willing to do.”