Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Democrats Hate Homeschoolers

  • The first act of Matt Barber’s new Christian Civil Rights Watch organization is to petition President Trump to “publicly denounce” the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Speaking of Barber, he is urging his fellow right-wing activists to “follow Bermuda’s model here and try to overturn the equally outrageous and illegitimate Supreme Court decision that foisted counterfeit same-sex marriage on the American people against their will.”
  • Jake MacAulay says that “the birth of Jesus Christ is the most significant political event in the history of the universe.”
  • ProEnglish “greatly appreciates” Rep. Steve King’s tweet that “assimilation, not diversity, is our American strength.”
  • Ted Cruz says a provision that would allow 529 accounts to help pay for homeschooling was cut from the tax bill because “the Democrats hate homeschoolers” and “hate that anyone gets out of centralized control.”
  • Finally, Rick Joyner declares that the tax bill recently passed by the GOP-controlled Congress spells “the end” of the Democrats: “That tax reform bill is gonna do in the Democratic Party for a long time to come.”