Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Debate Coach

  • Dave Daubenmire reports that he and other right-wing activists intend to protest outside the upcoming Democratic debate in Westerville, Ohio, and demand the arrest of Hillary Clinton.
  • Jeanine Pirro appeared on Josh Bernstein’s YouTube program over the weekend.
  • Jan Markell warns that if Benjamin Netanyahu is not re-elected in the Israeli elections, it could be a sign of the End Times.
  • Rep. Doug Lamborn declares that it is obvious that our nation is entrenched in a civil war, given that “marijuana dispensaries are on the same streets as thriving churches.”
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley worries that if men of “pristine character” like Brett Kavanaugh and Michael Flynn can have their reputations sullied by the media, then there is no hope for people like him if he decides to run for public office.