Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Dead Man Walking

  • Rick Wiles announced that his PRAZOR music streaming app and his GodTribe social media platform will be co-sponsoring a Carrie Underwood special airing on the TBN Christian television network tonight.
  • Speaking of Wiles, Jerome Bell, a Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia, appeared on his “TruNews” program Thursday night.
  • Retired Gen. Thomas McInerney says that anyone who asserts that Mike Lindell’s election fraud claims are bogus “is part of the group that participated” in stealing the election.
  • Jackson Lahmeyer declares that his church will never obey “Luciferian” COVID-19 restrictions, warning the government, “You touch the church, you are a dead man walking.”
  • Finally, Pete Santilli claims that people are now regretting getting vaccinated because they’re worried about “the activation of the graphene oxide” being “energized” by 5G technology and killing them.