Right Wing Bonus Tracks: DACA Will Turn Texas Blue

  • Josh Bernstein says that Democrats support DACA because it will help to “turn Texas blue” and destroy the country: “The only way it will be saved at that point will be through revolution.”
  • Don Boys asserts that “females have often been instructed to dress modestly because seductive dress will make men lust after them … While their immodesty does not cause sexual attacks, it surely contributes to them.”
  • Tim Barton of WallBuilders insists that one cannot oppose sex trafficking while also tolerating pornography.
  • Michael Brown thinks that refusing to take right-wing Christians seriously because of their support for President Trump “is a demonic attempt to turn people away from the Lord.”
  • Ralph Reed says that conservative Christians are not going to turn on Trump just because he had an adulterous affair with a porn actress because Trump’s support of their political agenda “[ranks] far higher in their concerns than an unsubstantiated allegation that is over a decade old.”
  • Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson and right-wing YouTube pundit Stefan Molyneux are having a field day with a published study that asserts that conservative men and women are more physically attractive than their liberal counterparts.
  • David Whitney states that “God is laughing at America, He has been laughing at us for 45 years, laughing at the stupendous folly of thinking you could throw off God’s Holy Law, and that your rebellion would bring you blessing. God laughs at puny human’s [sic] wearing black robes, acting like and believing themselves to be gods; what miscreants, what moral and mental pigmies, what abject blind fools to think they can ultimately get away with such evil.”
  • Finally, we cannot allow the world to be deprived of “a politically incorrect, family-friendly time-travel movie” written and directed by Randall Terry.