Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Cynthia Dunbar Is One Of Us

  • Lance Wallau reports that he recently spoke with Cynthia Dunbar, who is running for Congress in Virginia, and that he likes her a lot because she “is one of us.”
  • Larry Tomczak says that he serves as “a public-policy adviser with Mat Staver at Liberty Counsel,” which was news to us.
  • Dave Daubenmire will take President Trump over President Obama any day: “How can one forget his flip-flopping on traditional marriage and the lighting of the White House in the colors of the rainbow when the diabolical Oberkfell [sic] decision was shoved up the hind ends of God fearing American moms and pops?”
  • Linda Harvey claims that “in today’s school climate, if anyone has a genuine right to feel threatened, it would be Christian kids.”
  • Finally, we hate to break it to Liz Crokin, but that is not Marina Abramovic.