Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Covfefe = COVID-19

  • The American Family Association reports that its Vimeo account was terminated “based on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s reckless labeling of AFA” as a hate group.
  • Bryan Fischer says that the stay-at-home orders imposed in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus “were pointless all along.”
  • A breathless Bill Mitchell, who has barely produced any new shows in weeks because he’s been suffering from the “flu lite,” says that America has been “a nation of fearful bubble boys” in dealing with the coronavirus.
  • Jennifer LeClaire claims that God told her that “domestic terrorists are lurking behind the Covid-19 veil”: “Behind the scenes of hubbub around a contagion that has much of the world on lock down, self-sheltering and social distancing, domestic terrorists are plotting and planning the next attack.”
  • Finally, it turns out that President Donald Trump’s infamous 2017 “covfefe” tweet was not a typo at all but was actually a secret QAnon code for COVID-19.