Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Companies Should Fire Progressive Employees

  • Peter LaBarbera is not happy that Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill recognizing August 4 as “Barack Obama Day” in Illinois: “A Republican governor heaping praise on the most immoral promoting president in American history, Barack Obama, who ushered in homosexual so-called marriage, who mocked the authority of the Bible, who promoted abortion, who loves Planned Parenthood. With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?”
  • Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman has endorsed Roy Moore in his bid for the Senate.
  • David Lane declares that “there is no more important function in politics than the recruiting of the right candidates. This is where Evangelical pastors, and men and women of Issachar, come in. As we begin to launch men and women of character into the public arena, people of strength with a thorough knowledge of His word, whereby he or she understands the full nature of God(2), Secularism will begin to be dismantled and America restored to a Biblical-based culture poured by its Founders.”
  • Paul Hair says that “it would be nice to see other employers be intolerant of any of employees who support progressivism” and fire them.
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein boldly proclaims that he “would rather die than be microchipped.”