Right Wing Bonus Tracks: CNN Should Be Disbanded

  • Scott Lively says that “the ‘sexual freedom’ agenda, and normalization of homosexuality as a lifestyle choice, is readily recognized as a giant ‘grooming’ strategy to prepare all children for recruitment.”
  • Robert Oscar Lopez warns that we must “Get LGBT material out of our schools NOW” or else “you are allowing tyrannical, vicious, insulting people who feel untouchable to come into your school and get special access to your children.”
  • Steve Strang knows that “Donald Trump was the perfect choice for this hour” and predicts that he’ll be overwhelmingly re-elected with more than 400 electoral votes in 2020.
  • Robert Jeffress says the reason Archbishop Justin Welby can’t understand why evangelicals overwhelmingly support Trump is because Welby doesn’t understand the Bible.
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein declares that “CNN should be disbanded.”