Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Civil Rights Hero Roy Moore

  • Jesse Lee Peterson says that Senator Kamala Harris has no chance of becoming president because “America had its first taste of a bad, black, Democratic, liberal president and it’s put a bitter taste in the mouths of Americans – and they’re not going to take that risk anymore, not now.”
  • Even Breitbart radio host Alex Marlow couldn’t understand why Trump was “shooting hoops with paper towel rolls” into a crowd in Puerto Rico: “Yesterday was a little weird.”
  • Liberty Counsel is thrilled that “civil rights hero Roy Moore” won the Republican senate primary in Alabama.
  • David Barton claims that Christian pollster George Barna has “personally interviewed … over a million people” for surveys his company has produced. That seems unlikely.
  • Finally, right-wing conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin has found “more proof #StephenPaddock was CIA! He worked for the government (US postal system, IRS & DOD) for years!!”