Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Christians Are Very Weak

  • In addition to being a QAnon conspiracy theorist, Oregon Republican Senate nominee Jo Rae Perkins also appears to be a fan of right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton, judging by the copies of his “The Founders Bible” on her bookshelf.
  • Speaking of Barton, he said on his “WallBuilders Live” radio program today that Christians “should not let any other worldview be more active than we are in shaping [the culture], whether it’s atheists or any other group. We need to be in there in the middle of this fight, and we can make a difference in turn those seven mountains [to] where they’re not weaponized against Christians anymore.”
  • And speaking of the QAnon conspiracy theory, Janet Porter quoted the movement’s “where we go one, we go all” slogan during an appearance on “The Jim Bakker Show” today.
  • Mark Taylor had to wear a mask when he picked up his new Apple computer, which he is blaming on Bill Gates.
  • Finally, Robert Jeffress responded to polls showing that President Donald Trump may be losing support among evangelicals not by faulting Trump but by attacking his fellow Christians for being “very weak.”